Video is fast becoming the preferred format for online marketers. Five billion videos are watched every day on YouTube alone and digital video provides amazing opportunities for marketers, whether they are going for direct ads or a more subtle approach utilising soft branded content, such as GoShow’s sporting and lifestyle videos.

Video can be a great way to reach people, raise brand awareness and drive traffic. Starting with great content is key but, interestingly, it seems that a number of factors can affect the receptivity of the audience, including mood and even time of day.

A new study looked at the receptivity of more than 2,000 digital consumers to both video and audio ads. They were asked to keep an online diary of their digital media consumption and the results suggested that timing could be key for marketers.

The study found that “mood, needs state and situation are all key indicators of ad receptivity”. It also found that digital video consumption rose throughout the day, before peaking at around 8pm, with 7.2% of ad-supported viewing taking place then.

Mood was also key, with differences between consumers of video and audio content. Viewers tended to be more receptive when they were excited and were most easily targeted when they were stressed. Audio-only consumers, on the other hand, were at their most receptive when they were feeling relaxed. Spending time with family had a boosting effect for both types of content.

Keri Degroote, SVP of research and analytics at music streaming service Pandora – a partner in the research – said: “This study validates that digital audio and video have infinite moments to reach people willing to be exposed to advertising. Marketers who understand the when, the where and the what to meet people’s state of mind and needs state will win their attention.”

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