As a filmmaker, you’re creating tons of epic video content

The challenge is, how do you monetise that content? That’s where we come in. We help filmmakers expand their reach, and grow their revenue – all while doing what they love. It’s time to GoShow the world what you can do!


produce branded content

Connect with brands.
Approach them with
concept ideas for content
production, or review and
bid on their custom project


brand sponsorships

Connect and collaborate
with other filmmakers on
productions. Earn
money from brands who
sponsor product placements
in your videos.


media distribution

Get fame and exposure
through our network of
media distributors –
showcase your videos to
the world!


sell your stock

Submit and sell your stock
productions, or raw clips,
to brands. Provide licensed
content for their
advertising campaigns.


Being an extreme sports content creator can become your full time job, and you have complete control to only bid for the jobs you want.

On average, a GoShow creator earns


per gig

who are we looking for?


We are looking for pro athletes who have the skills to act and feature in extreme sports videos, ranging from surf and snowboarding to motorsports and skate.


We are looking for professional cameramen who have the experience to shoot and capture extreme sports content, if you have an eye for adventure you’ll love working with GoShow!


We are looking for the worlds best editors who can turn sports and lifestyle content into epic videos. You’ll get the opportunity to edit world class sports productions through the GoShow marketplace.


We are looking for professional directors with an extreme eye. Our marketplace gives you access to brave brands, extreme athletes and top video editors – everything you need to direct a masterpiece.

why goshow?

Brands are the driving force for today’s $200B+ content marketing industry. As a filmmaker, it’s time to get your share. GoShow filmmakers are finding the perfect balance between work and play, some are even turning their passion into full time gigs!


Run your online production business from anywhere in the world. Be your own boss.

License Management

We take the admin and hassle out of having to manage your own licenses.

Do What You Love

Work on exciting productions that you are passionate about. Do what you love AND get paid.


Connect and collaborate with professional filmmakers, brands and media companies around the world.

Financial Control

Keep as much as 90% of the income you generate from productions.