With GoShow, you will be able to upload your GoPro action and video editors will edit it into an awesome masterpiece that you can share with the world.  On our platform you can direct and produce your own video productions.  Just upload instructions, music and video footage… and some of the best editors from around the world will bid on your projects.  Find out how it works below…



1. Create video content

a. Shoot your own footage

b. Hire a cameraman

c. Hire pro talent

2. Create a project

a. Enter project details

b. Upload footage

c. Enter your budget

3. Choose an editor

a. Receive bids

b. Receive editor galleries

c. Pick your editor

4. Collaborate

a. Invite friends & athletes to feature

b. Work together with Editor

5. Receive your edit

a. Review draft edits

b. On approval, receive final cut

6. Watch and share

Upload to your favourite video sharing platforms and your own website

7. Showcase your edit

Your finished video can feature on our Gallery & wider communities


I used to come home from snowboard trips and spend months editing tons of footage until the point I lost interest and gave up. Nowadays I come home, upload footage to goshow, and watch as my edit is produced and distributed!

Stuart WolstenholmeSnowboarder

Kiteboarding is my life! But I can’t stand the idea of coming home from a session to sit down at a laptop and edit footage for hours and hours. Thanks to goshow I’ve got that covered now, and spend my time focusing on the wind.

Gareth CalvertKite boarder

What a clever concept in sports video production. When I heard about goshow I quickly stole my boyfriend’s GoPro SD cards and transferred over all his footage from a downhill mountain bike trail he did recently. Best birthday present ever!

Michelle CraddockAdventurist

When I found goshow they barely had a website set up yet. But they had a huge base of editors, and connected me with one to do a skateboard edit my crew and I had filmed. The final cut was insane and hooked us a sweet sponsorship!

James McDermottSkateboarder

Recently I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with friends. One of the greatest achievements of our lives, but upon return we realised no one had the time or skills to edit all the epic footage. In comes goshow and next thing we have a viral online edit!

Brad Van Der HeimMountain Climber

What an awesome idea to connect extreme sports peeps with professional editors that specialise in the industry. Finally a production team that understands what our sports are about! Can’t wait to get my next surf edit done. I’m hooked!

Shawn SmithSurfer


Decide your budget

Video Edit

starting from $50

Film & Edit

starting from $200

Hire Talent

starting from $300

Talent & Edit

starting from $500


  • Watch the latest extreme sports videos
  • Share your videos with our community audience
  • Get inspired with great storyboards
  • Connect with pro athletes & talent
  • Hire the world’s best filmmakers
  • Simplify video production
  • Money-back guarantee

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