Action video editing is one of the toughest jobs people face as filmmakers. They need to select the right equipment, be confident in using the software, get the kind of shots they see in their head and choose music that fits in with their vision. With the price of top quality cameras dropping drastically and a flood of cool apps to get even the raw beginner initiated, how can people guarantee their work will leave the competition behind? Here are a few tips for moving in the right direction

Mistakes are part of the fun

When most people set out to make a film they think it’s going to be the greatest, most awesome piece of footage ever shot – because otherwise why bother, right? That means there can be a feeling of disappointment when these early clips come out a little shaky, blurred and boringly average. This is all part of the learning process and it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. No one pulled a kickflip the first time they rode a skateboard and it’s not possible to churn out top grade edits after a few attempts. Swedish pro windsurfer and experienced freelance photographer, Markus Rydberg, explains: “Looking back at my first videos now I think they are horrible, haha. It’s a learning process and eventually you’ll develop your own style and it will get more and more fun as you go.” So, instead of aiming to become a gopro video editing heavyweight overnight, it’s better to work on small issues and make each video better than the last.

Choose a number of cameramen or women

It’s pretty awkward to get an extreme sports video production rolling without huge amounts of taped action, so along with a camera, there needs to be someone to operate it. Naturally, if there’s a team everyone will take turns, but it’s best to get everyone into an organised schedule prior to getting kitted up. It makes sense for each person involved to explain to the director what they want captured from a performance, and let them shoot for around half an hour before another person takes over. That way no one stands on the sidelines aching with boredom whilst everyone else is having fun.

Be loyal to the right software and editing package

The market is swamped with all sorts of apps, tools and equipment that claim to improve anyone’s filmmaking abilities. However, when filmmakers find one that works for them, sticking with it will save time in the long run. By concentrating on one product they can understand exactly what it is capable of and use every part of the technology properly. Trying to get to grips with a number of cameras means people might never discover the full utility of a specific software package, so when something works, stick with it.

Enjoy the movement

Online videography illustrating extreme sports is very popular. From rock climbing to dirt biking, wingsuit diving to cliff jumping these films can be great motivators. Even when people don’t participate in a particular sport, watching it play out and sensing the level of passion involved can be inspirational. When you find this passion inside of you, action video editing becomes natural and super enjoyable.


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