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Sports Video Production


Film your own adventures, or hire one of our professional cameramen. You can even hire pro athletes to feature and produce your footage.

Sports Video Production


Create projects in our studio and upload instructions, music and video footage. Invite friends to collaborate, then choose your editor.

Sports Video Production


Chat to your editor and direct your production in the state-of-the-art workroom. Review releases, give feedback and get your final cut.

Sports Video Production


Watch your awesome edit, get stoked, then showcase it to our passionate audience. Easily share to Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook.


We are extremely stoked to be the world’s first collaborative platform that specialises in the sports video production of action, adventure and all things awesome! Our mission is to shape the path of video to come by providing a simple yet intuitive approach in the creation of epic engaging edits.

We are a community of like-minded people who thrive on living life to the fullest, and hanging out in that uncomfortable place on the edge where incredible things tend to happen! By capturing these epic moments and using our team of video specialists, we can all work together to create awe-inspiring video that inspires the masses.
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Below is a small selection of the awesome editors and sports video specialists who could edit your next video.


I used to come home from snowboard trips and spend months editing tons of footage.  By the time the edit was done I was so sick of looking at the footage over and over again that I had lost interest in it.  Nowadays I come home, upload the footage to GoShow, wait a few days and then relive the memories with my buddies!

Stuart WolstenholmeSnowboarder

What an awesome idea to connect extreme sports peeps with professional editors that specialise in the industry.  Finally a video team that actually understands what our sports are all about!  Can’t wait to get my next surf edit done.  Super styling platform, I’m hooked!

Shawn SmithSurfer

Kiteboarding is my life!  But I can’t stand the thought of coming home from a killer offshore workout to have to sit down at a laptop and edit footage for hours and hours.  I’m not even that good anyway.  Thanks to GoShow I’ve got that covered now, and spend the time focusing on my next session with the wind.

Gareth CalvertKite boarder

Recently I climbed and summited Mount Kilimanjaro with two good friends.  It was one of the greatest experiences and achievements of our lives, but when we got back we realised none of us knew how to edit all the insane footage we took.  And as we all went back to our busy corporate lives there was no time to figure it out.  In comes an editor from GoShow and we have a masterpiece edit to share our journey and tell our story!

Brad Van Der HeimMountain Climber

When I found GoShow they didn’t have a website set up or anything yet.  But they had a huge base of awesome editors, and helped me find one to work on a skateboard edit that some buddies and I had been filming.  The final cut was literally insane!  Cannot wait for this sports video production platform to get up and running!

James McDermottSkateboarder

What a clever concept in sports video production.  When I heard about these guys I immediately stole my boyfriend’s GoPro SD cards and transferred over all his footage from a downhill mountain bike trail he did with some mates recently. Best birthday present ever!

Michelle CraddockAdventurist


Here is a selection from our editors of videos they have edited recently.



Pull-ups and Tinder swipes… How a top action sports videographer stays at the top of his game

Whether he’s shooting commercials for Nike and Sony, or creating another Vimeo Staff Picked parkour video, Claudiu Voicu stands out as one of the best action sports videographers around. You only have to go as far as his homepage to see that he’s creating cutting edge videos that push the limits of current technology. Claudio shares with us his unique insight into the world of action sports videos.

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Bomber Cablepark Battles – Wakeboard Video Shoot

GoShow filmmaker, Sam Van Olmen, was approached by Bomber Eyewear, a floating sunglasses brand for action watersports enthusiasts, to help introduce their brand into Belgium. Their plan was to hold the Bomber Cablepark Battles, a 5 stage contest with a stop at every cablepark in Belgium. And to produce an awesome series of wakeboard edits to cover all the action!

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